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Our Services

Prison Visiting

We run focus groups in prisons in London. We provide an opportunity for prisoners to consider their lives and think about their futures. We work with the prison Chaplains to motivate prisoners to change their lives.

Crisis Situations

We help families in crisis, especially when a family member has been arrested, is the victim of crime or at risk of school exclusion. We are very experienced in co-ordinating responses to problems and contacting relevant professional help.

Support for Individuals

Support for individuals with mental health problems. We organise peer support groups and provide expert advice and signposting.

Accredited Classes

Accredited classes in ESOL, Functional Skills, Social Care, IT and First Aid. These qualifications enable individuals to get their first step on the employment ladder.

Sport and Exercise

We organise sports and exercise programmes for children, young people and adults. We want to ensure that young people have facilities and qualified coaches for a high quality experience of sport.

General Advice and Support

We are always available to provide counselling, advice and practical support for all our service users. We help them to think through their own problems and provide sign posting and support for them to seek active solutions.

Parenting Classes

We provide qualified teachers to help parents increase their parenting skills. We help parents to understand the world in which their children are growing up. We want parents to play an important role in the emotional, intellectual and moral development of their children.

Cultural Events and Courses

We celebrate verbal art and storytelling skills within our community. We run events and classes to improve creative writing skills for adults and children.

Community Meetings

We mobilise our community through meetings where local people can discuss problems with professionals including the police and council officials.