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The Corona Virus threatens our lives and the very existence of our communities.
Please visit our go fundme page to support our activities:

We are the Mother and Child Welfare Organisation. We have a huge network of supporters, volunteers and community contacts. Since the start of the lockdown Macwo was helping the most vulnerable people in our communities.

Thanks to our funders such as City Bridge, Hammersmith United, Community donation through our page Gofund me has enabled us to continue the good work we are doing.

We know the virus is dangerous to everyone but especially to BAME communities. Language barriers prevent many people from fully understanding government guidelines and up to date information. Cultural barriers make social distancing difficult to carry out. People on low paid jobs in the cash economy are on the edge of disaster. All this is happening right now.

We are bringing emergency food supplies and medicines to people living alone and in need. We are providing telephone support with information and encouragement to people who are bewildered by the situation.

We must not forget people in prisons, who are vulnerable, helpless and filled with fear. They are also human beings who need help. In this time of crisis we must recognise that we share a common humanity.
Thanks to the donation by one our Trustee Mr Verani who made possible to provide Iftar for our youth in the prison.

Our Charity Commission number is: 1156832